Window Repair or Replace

There are many things to consider when deciding to repair or replace your home’s existing windows. There are a variety of designs and sizes, not to mention different types of glass, and opening mechanisms. One might consider installing catches, shutters and even solar film.

With all the different choices, you must weigh the benefits of each and then put together a plan that best suits both your needs and your budget. Some window types, such as energy efficient windows for example, could qualify you for tax benefits. Perhaps storm windows could be a benefit by lowering your home insurance premium and offering added protection from inclement weather. Sometimes simply the updated look and feel that new windows can give your home is enough incentive.

Consider all the options of the different materials, r-value, shapes, and sizes of windows before choosing what is best. When consulting an expert, be sure to ask about all the options and pricing that are associated with each before making a decision.

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