Energy bills can be expensive, particularly if you live in a large house. Each of the following strategies offer cost savings on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year. While these options may cost more than simply caulking your windows or putting up thermal-lined draperies, they do provide deep savings for many years to come. Keep reading to learn more about three of the best home upgrades to consider when you are looking to cut costs on your utility bills.

Replace an Outdated HVAC System

Older HVAC systems don’t perform as well as modern ones, so replacing yours could be a major move in the right direction. Today’s HVAC systems are designed to provide energy-efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation. Most of today’s units offer 90% efficiency, providing exceptional comfort without excessive cost.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Outdated appliances use more energy than newer models. If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, one of the first steps that you should take is to upgrade your old appliances. Modern refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, and water heaters use much less energy, delivering savings on your energy bills. To maximize your savings, do your shopping when you notice discounted prices on the appliances you need to replace.  Look for Energy Star upgraded models.

Install a New Thermostat

A modern thermostat can make a huge difference when you are looking to reduce your energy costs. Today’s thermostats are programmable, so you can set up the temperatures you want throughout the week with times and days.  Why heat or cool your house unnecessarily when everyone is at work or school?  In addition, “smart” thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature setting from your smartphone. No matter what time of day or night it is, you have the capability to make it warmer or cooler in your home, providing the ultimate in comfort and savings..

New Doors and Windows

Installing new energy efficient doors and windows can have a huge impact on reducing energy costs all year long.  With so many door and window styles, various energy efficiency ratings, and numerous materials to choose from, you can find the right solution for your needs.  Look for Energy Star rated products to save the most money.

Some of the biggest factors influencing your energy bills include your heating unit, cooling system, and major appliances. Therefore, it only makes sense to investigate ways to reduce your bills by taking a look at the energy efficiency of the equipment you own. Replacing outdated models in HVAC units and appliances can add up to significant savings year in and year out.