Reliable resources for DIY information are readily available these days.  Whatever you are searching for, you will find a plethora of helpful tips and information online.  We have identified eight resources that should get you started.

DIY can be broken down into many categories and subcategories.  You can find do-it-yourself décor, do-it-yourself repairs, do-it-yourself construction, etc.  We are specifically targeting do-it-yourself home improvement.

There is no particular order or ranking of these sources.  Each one has value to the homeowner who is searching for that certain bit of helpful information.

DIY Network

Not only does the DIY Network have a great listing of helpful TV programs to assist with your home improvement projects (a great resource as well), they also feature an excellent web site for DIY.  You will find a wide variety of illustrated quick tips, videos, how-to projects, and articles.

Though there are other resources which offer a higher volume of information, it is difficult to find a resource that matches the quality of what the DIY Network offers up.

This Old House

Based on the long standing classic home improvement TV show This Old House, this is another TV to website spin off done very well.  They provide a great overall selection of DIY how-to articles, videos, galleries, and more.  The information is well broken down into subcategories, making it easy to find just the right home project for your needs.

The site also offers an excellent discussion board for asking questions or browsing the discussions of others.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, the discussion area might be a great place to start.


This may seem like an unlikely resource to some, but Pinterest has tons of content on all types of DIY projects.  The projects do take more time to sift through than other resources listed here.  But the volume and variety you get with Pinterest is incredible.

The link provided above is just one search result on Pinterest.  You can do other, more specific, searches and find seemingly endless amounts of helpful information in the form of linked projects and Pinterest boards.

At the very least, Pinterest provides a great inspiration resource for your DIY home improvement projects.

Better Homes and Gardens

This long standing magazine discussing the beautification of everything in and around your home also hosts an outstanding web site, which is a resource for home owners and do-it-yourselfers.

The site features illustrated ideas and guides on projects as well as how-to videos.  The subject matter varies from home décor projects to outdoor landscaping.  This is a great place to get ideas and inspiration for all your DIY projects.

The Family Handyman

This is another magazine based web site with lots of great DIY information.  They claim to be “#1 in DIY Home Improvement” and it appears that is their primary focus.

While the site offers some standard illustrated guides and videos that are DIY centric, the category breakdown of projects really helps to narrow down your search.

In addition, the site offers a “DIY University” for an additional fee.  This may be a great place for serious DIY enthusiasts, as well as those looking for specific detailed information on certain projects, to delve in further.

Home Improvement Stack Exchange

Do you have a DIY question that needs answered?  Home Improvement Stack Exchange offers a unique question and answer type forum where you can go for direct feedback on your toughest DIY questions.

Stack Exchange offers a very straight-forward, no frills approach to getting you the DIY information you need.  This is also a great place to browse and search prior conversation threads for excellent tips and ideas.

The Home Depot

man installing new laminate wood flooring

The Home Depot’s DIY project and ideas section of their web site is filled with great information.  It features well categorized articles, guides, and videos on just about anything under the DIY umbrella.

Another great advantage of using their site is you can price your projects as well as order directly from their website.  This would certainly help with some of the time and planning.


The mother of all video resources on the internet is no stranger to DIY home improvement projects.  You will likely find any type of DIY project under the sun somewhere in the results of your YouTube searches.

A word of caution with YouTube videos:  Not all videos are created equal.  Anyone can post a video and anyone can give advice.  Let’s face it – some advice is more valid and valuable than others.  So with all your projects, make sure you get a variety of opinions and find a reliable resource.


We promised eight go-to resources, but we are giving you nine – just because we can!  We want you to be well informed for all your DIY endeavors.


As with YouTube and Pinterest above, Twitter can be a great resource for an abundance of DIY home improvement projects.

The link above provides a live feed just for the hashtag “home improvement”.  With Twitter, you can follow hundreds of hashtags, searches, and people to gather all kinds of DIY information.

Again, you need to be cautious with any advice you do receive through Twitter.  Just remember to consider the final source and look for multiple opinions and you should be fine.


We hope you find this go-to list informative and helpful in your DIY adventures.  If you have any DIY home improvement go-to resources that you feel we missed, please contact us and let us know.  We’re always on the lookout for the best the internet has to offer Do It Yourselfers!