My wife and I love to set time aside to sit and enjoy some T.V. time once the kids are in bed.  One of our favorite types of television to enjoy are shows about renovation and home improvement. We’ve listed our Top 5 programs here, not just for pure entertainment, but also for the valuable tips and information provided.  Each of these shows demonstrates important decision making and flexibility to make each renovation or home improvement a success.  We often find that these shows demonstrate the ability to make smart, economic, and planned decisions.   This ability to make quick changes and navigate unexpected problems when they arise also gives each show its entertainment value.

Flip or Flop

Follow alongside a husband and wife team as they purchase run-down properties with the use of quick cash and crafty negotiations.   Watch as they transform distressed homes into marketable properties, often for huge returns on their investment.  Each brings a different talent and spin to unique situations.  The husband Tarek is the master negotiator on the initial purchases and handles most of the demo decisions and construction of the projects, with the help of general contractors he employs.  Christina, Tarek’s wife, specializes in the design phase, adding the much needed flair and appeal these projects require in order to attract motivated buyers.  Their teamwork is demonstrated in each episode, typically resulting in an efficient process of successful home flips, while adding an entertaining flow of avoiding unforeseen hurdles and pitfalls during their extensive projects.  It airs on HGTV.  You can check your local television or cable providers’ listings or watch online.


Property Brothers

This show is possibly our favorite, which may be due to the fact that my wife and I have twin boys.  Perhaps we are a little biased, but we are confident you will enjoy this one.  Twin brothers, Drew and Jonathon, work together to find some lucky family a fixer-upper home and transform it into the home of their dreams.  They work their magic to do this for an affordable price that normally would be next to impossible to find in any current marketplace.  One brother specializes in the real estate industry as a realtor, while the other is experienced with demos and rehab.  Together, they make a very entertaining pair as you follow them on a mission to make dreams come true.


Love It or List It

Black or White? Square or Round?  Stay or Go?  All these questions come up when families try to decide whether to stay in their newly renovated home or sell and buy a new home that might fit their changing needs in this “what to do” formatted program.   This show involves two different experts competing to convince a family to either love it or list it.  First, the experts are given direction from the family, having them list the major items they feel must be changed in their home in order to make it functional and comfortable.   One expert, who serves as the designer and home improvement guru, works diligently to transform the families’ current home into their dream home.  Meanwhile, our second expert, a real estate agent, searches for just the right new home that has everything the family needs at a budget they can afford.  May the best expert win!

The Vanilla Ice Project

For those looking for a more humored, zany approach to home improvement, check this one out!  Practical jokes and just general goofing around highlight this show found on the DIY Network. Vanilla Ice brings his twist to renovating run-down houses in South Florida, turning them into “pimped-out cribs” for those looking for a taste for the finer things.  His boisterous crew adds nothing short of pure entertainment and fun every step of the way from demo to design.  Those looking for a home improvement show with some “bling” will surely enjoy this one!

This Old House

This Old HouseThis is the first home improvement show that really had a big following here in America and was truly the pioneer for home improvement in the television entertainment industry.  The unique format of the show follows a group of experts who renovate historic homes using modern technology.   They take you through each step of the renovation, providing explanations for each decision and demonstrating the proper technique and best tools for success.  Each episode covers important steps, breaking each project down into manageable chunks. It will keep you watching each week in anticipation as their projects begin to take shape.


With the home improvement industry booming, and its natural progression to television and online entertainment, there are a wide variety of shows to enjoy.  We hope you find some time to check out the few we have listed here.  Enjoy the show(s)!