A new offering is allowing contractors to focus on what they do best – home improvement!

General contractors and home improvement companies have a new source who provides high intent consumers looking for home improvement providers. Through the use of online and offline marketing efforts HomeImprovements.Expert delivers home owners direct so that contractors spend their time doing actual work instead of worrying about their next job.

First, HomeImprovements.Expert engages with home owners who have shown interest in home services and/or projects. Interesting articles and pertinent, helpful tips are often provided and when the home owner is ready to move forward with a project they are directed to the HomeImprovements.Expert site. Next, the website captures pertinent information for each project regardless of size and scope of work. Finally, the information is delivered to a qualified, reputable contractor who can complete the project.

“We have many ways that we can deliver the leads to our clients because of the technology we possess with our lead delivery platform,” says a manager of HomeImprovements.Expert. “We take great pride in being able to provide a fast and streamlined process to connect home owners direct to contractors”.

Contractors who are reputable and experienced can contact HomeImprovements.Expert to be screened and qualified to become part of their client network.