4 Home Upgrades to Help You Save on Energy Costs

Energy bills can be expensive, particularly if you live in a large house. Each of the following strategies offer cost savings on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year. While these options may cost more than simply caulking your windows or putting up thermal-lined draperies, they do provide deep savings for many years to [...]

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Fine Tuning Your HVAC System

  Keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape is important if you want to enjoy interior comfort throughout the year. Since your system provides heating and cooling, you'll want to arrange for proper maintenance and cleaning at least twice a year - once before the spring and a second time before the fall. Here is [...]

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Tips for Choosing a Replacement Window Company

No matter where you live or what kind of property you own, you know how important the windows in your home are. The windows in your home are an integral part of your security system, but they are vital for your comfort and that of your family as well. When the time comes to replace [...]

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8 Go-To DIY Resources for Home Improvement

Reliable resources for DIY information are readily available these days.  Whatever you are searching for, you will find a plethora of helpful tips and information online.  We have identified eight resources that should get you started. DIY can be broken down into many categories and subcategories.  You can find do-it-yourself décor, do-it-yourself repairs, do-it-yourself construction, [...]

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Five Entertaining Shows about Renovation or Home Improvement

  My wife and I love to set time aside to sit and enjoy some T.V. time once the kids are in bed.  One of our favorite types of television to enjoy are shows about renovation and home improvement. We’ve listed our Top 5 programs here, not just for pure entertainment, but also for the [...]

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An Introduction to Home Repairs

Home repairs aren’t something most people put on their fun to-do list, but they are something all home owners must tackle.  We like to think of our home as our castle, so we have to keep that castle in good working order. Left untouched, a home can crumble without repairs.  Home owners need to be [...]

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Why It’s Easier to Succed With Home Improvements Than You Might Think

The decision to follow through with a home improvement project is often a difficult one.  Recently, during a group discussion between family and friends, I uncovered that there were more than a few reasons why we might shy away from beginning projects to improve our home.  An interesting debate began where I asked everyone to [...]

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Good News for General Contractors and Home improvement providers!

A new offering is allowing contractors to focus on what they do best – home improvement! General contractors and home improvement companies have a new source who provides high intent consumers looking for home improvement providers. Through the use of online and offline marketing efforts HomeImprovements.Expert delivers home owners direct so that contractors spend their [...]

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Spring Time Is Roofing Time

Spring is an excellent time to check the condition of your roof, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.  With the changing of seasons, having just survived the high winds of winter, possible sleet or snow, and the coming of harsh summer conditions, spring is an optimal time to evaluate your roof.  Doing [...]

What is HomeImprovements.Expert?

Experts for Your Home Improvements Put very simply, we provide expert quotes for your home improvement projects.  Visitors complete our easy-to-use quote form, then they receive a free quote from our expert local contractors who want to work with them. Who are The Experts? Our experts consist of professional contractors, installers, specialists, and organizations of [...]

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